Futej & Partners is a well-known local and international legal practice, having been established in 1999. The practice is currently centered in Bratislava though the firm provides its services throughout Slovakia. The firm has grown in size steadily from its beginnings, and now encompasses 12 solicitors including one Canadian lawyer, and five support staff, including four paralegals, and contract support personnel – notary, translators, etc.

Futej & Partners originally started out as a firm specializing in M&A. Over the course of time, the Firm developed additional supportive areas of expertise such as financing, securities, anti-trust, taxes, labor, energy, telecommunications and intellectual property law. Furthermore, Futej & Partners lawyers have a thorough knowledge of company, environmental, insurance and regulatory matters and are well positioned to advise their clients on those matters as well, as and when needed. More recently the firm developed expertise in internet business and information technology.

Futej & Partners lawyers (i) have assisted various international and local strategic investors in identifying suitable joint venture partners, (ii) have assisted in acquisition of targets in the industrial, financial and real estate sectors, (iii) have advised investors in selling their businesses, including real estate businesses, to interested buyers, and (iv) assisted companies seeking to enter the local market, whether through an acquisition or merger or start-up. We typically assist with respect to the structuring of operations (and the formation of any legal entities), due diligence investigations, negotiation and document preparation. Furthermore, we are involved in arranging for appropriate regulatory approvals and performance of post-closing audit.

Futej & Partners lawyers have represented a number of management teams and successful start-ups in obtaining start-up funding followed by venture capital financing. Furthermore, the firm represented a number of management teams in management buy-in and management buy-out transactions.

Futej & Partners combine the practice of substantive law with the practice of procedural law and has developed a strong expertise in representing local and international clients at court.

Futej & Partners lawyers also have assisted their clients in drafting legislation. The firm was employed as an advisor and consultant by the Slovak Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Family for introducing new legislation on the pension system concerning a mandatory pension system and a voluntary pension system.

Futej & Partners have developed expertise in securities law in Slovakia. One of the senior lawyers was active for several years in the advisory commission at the Slovak Financial Market Authority.

The influx of foreign investors into Slovakia caused that Futej & Partners lawyers have developed very thorough expertise and know-how in immigration law.

Futej & Partners combine the quality and knowledge found in a large institution with the cultural familiarity and cost advantage of a local company.

Futej & Partners employ dynamic and experienced lawyers, who offer extensive legal expertise and in-depth knowledge of the market environment. The language abilities of the professional team include fluency in Slovak, Czech, English, Russian, and competence in Polish. This understanding and broad experience allows Futej & Partners to provide their services to many international entities engaged in various business ventures in Central Europe.

Futej & Partners lawyers and support staff are comfortable with the use of English – they use English daily in their work – in e-mails, telephone conversations and document preparation.

The FUTEJ & Partners, s.r.o. Law Firm is a member of the International Practice Group, an international group associating around 50 law firms and tax advisors.

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